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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Well, vacationing in the US, ...

Been loving our vacation in the US. The best thing is that everything seems so inexpensive here. Living in Denmark is quite expensive.
Our family's entertainment is a lot about eating well and being busy. Well, the food in the US is wickedly inexpensive. A 20 oz pop for 99 cents to 1.59 is certainly a better price than 3-4 US dollars (15-18 dkk)and burgers and steaks are the same way. Eating a nice meal, excellent serving size, at least for my better half are well within our budget here. We can eat out every day in the US for the price it costs to eat in at our home in Denmark. And the food, oh the food, the flavors are so different and there is so much more variety. There are things we have definitely missed.
I guess that is what vacation is all about, enjoying. Well, we certainly are enjoying ourselves. I am cutting short, cause it is snack time and the kids, including the biggest kid-my husband, are ready for some fresh fruit from the local membership bulk shopping store. ;D

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