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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Starting something is never a problem...

I love to start new things, absolutely love it. There is a vision, a wisp of a plan, and then the hunt is on. Looking for just the right fabric for the project. I have a small stash here, and sometimes the projects can be begun with what I have. I start cutting and sewing; I am more intuitive in my work and just roll with it, along with my wispy little plan. I get as far as I can and am left searching for just the right thing to finish off the project. I end up with bunches of UFOs. I do, bunches.

To those who know me, this is no surprise. Those who know me also know that I do end up finishing things. I do. It takes a little time and that elbow grease folks were always talking about when I was growing up. My elbow grease tends to be in setting the project out again, onto my design table--okay, right now it is the dining room table--and looking at it, daily; multiple times daily. I spread it out, hang it on the wall, whatever it takes to keep it in my line of sight so that the creative juices flow again.

I am digging out UFOs today, will share pix once 2 of them are up and out of their box. Yes, 2, I feel the need to get more done and hopefully 2 will jumpstart my ''finish your UFO'' personal challenge.

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